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Less is More.

Here is a great example of that mentality. Cnn International has launched an entirely new screen format as of February 5th, 2006. I originally got this idea churning in my head from Seth Godin in his post: Small is the new big....

Microsoft not disclosing AdCenter placements on Live.com Search Results

Update: (3/21/06) Just days after I posted this entry a visitor from the Microsoft.com domain showed up on my log files and it appears the search.live.com is now showing "sponsored sites" above the advertisements... Normal search engines and their ad programs such as Google AdSense...

Mobile Video: The New China?

This has been a tremendously eventful week for mobile phones and video content. All the big players are now officially involved: Viacom, CBS, News Corp. Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, etc. Access to news or entertainment programming will be available to mobile users via cellular provider...

What Ogilvy Employees are reading – or should be.

Here is what Ogilvy thinks would be good reading. Its nice to see at least some big companies are trying to influence what their employees are reading. I am trying to shy away from forming an opinion on this until I get...

One day all internet access will be free

This article is not new, but shows the recent changes that are happening in the telecom's race to own and monetize your Internet connection. Snip: AT&T announced on Thursday that it has cut introductory prices on its high speed Internet service to the lowest level yet:...

Saying “I do” – followed by “iPod”

src: ipodproofing.com In the new age of instant gratification, iPods showing off instant wedding albums seems like a logistical step. File this one under "why didnt I think of that?" - wedding photographers are now including iPods as part of their package deals to...

Web 2.0 Innovations Map

Where do all the web 2.0 innovations come from? All over the world.

The End of the Big Advertising Agency

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." - Charles Dickens, "A Tale of Two Cities" in reference to the French Revolution, (I am also a history buff which is a little ironic for this website) As a 26 year old career-searching,...

The Entrepreneur Meme

The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is running the risk of both a catastrophic failure or a runaway success. Figuring out why it would be bad to fail is easy; embarrassment, lost funds, accepting failure, learning from defeat etc.. The hard...

How to make a brand evangelist for LIFE

In recent Apple iTunes events covered by many news outlets (here, here & here) Apple recieved some of the best press I have seen in recent months without spending any money on advertising. The lucky downloader of the 1 billionth song on itunes (Alex...