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Translate Marketing.fm – The Multilingual Challenge

Translatting www.Marketing.fm - The multilingual challenge

Google: The 21st Century Department Store

  Google will soon be your one-stop-shop for everything (if it’s not already). Currently, Froogle.com offers comparative product search capabilities and acts as a broker or link to more in depth retail websites. According to a 3/17 Adotas article, Google will now offer a searchable...

Ultimate Opt-Out – Network Advertising Initiative

NAI and its affiliates now allow consumers to opt-out of targeted advertisements by choosing their settings. To be honest I am not sure how long this has been around - but its new to me. link Snip: Opting out of a network does not mean you will...

Advertise Different: Johnny Walker

Click here to view the ad in Quicktime on the boardsmag.com site This Johnny Walker ad really stuck out beyond all the ads I have seen this week and I think you will enjoy it too. Its a great creative execution featuring a great...

Google Acquires @last software makers of SketchUp 3D software

Google recently acquired a Boulder, CO based software company called @last which are the makers of the 3D modelling software Sketup. Details can be found here. Here is the official google blog entry. This move marks a different strategy from Google in that...

Forget Microsoft’s Origami…this is much cooler

Forget the new Microsoft Origami (details)....checkout the DualCor WOW: Touch Screen (800x480) 40GB Shared Hard Drive 1GB DDR2 Ram 1Gb NAND flash memory built in speaker and microphone 3 USB 2.0 ports mini VGA for ext. monitors stereo headset telephone headset Compact Flash Type II Just two question remain: where and when can I get one? ...

Rupert Murdoch is Tech Savvy

In a speech delivered today in London, media mogul Rupert Murdoch publicly warned newspaper publishers of the drastic changes on the horizon: A new generation of media consumers has risen demanding content delivered when they want it, how they want it, and very much as...

Marketing.fm Poll #2: Where do you get your music?

Welcome to poll #2 at Marketing.fm: Where do you get your music? As always this poll will run for the next 7 days in the sidebar of our blog to accumulate responses. After which time I will tally the results which are...

Marketing.fm Poll #1: Which agency size is the most efficient?

Thanks to all of you that voted on the first ever marketing.fm poll! (well, all 11 of you anyway;)) The poll closed with a modest 11 votes, with the majority of visitors choosing an agency of 26-100 people. Although this poll is hardly statistically...

Fast Company Predicts the Future

In an article titled "Six Jobs That Won't Exist in 2016," Fastcompany.com makes some particularly noteworthy predictions about the future of marketing and advertising. Included in this endangered vocation list are: TV Schedulers, Advertising Creatives, bloggers, and American high tech jobs. That's a pretty...