How to make a brand evangelist for LIFE

1 Billion iTunes

In recent Apple iTunes events covered by many news outlets (here, here & here) Apple recieved some of the best press I have seen in recent months without spending any money on advertising. The lucky downloader of the 1 billionth song on itunes (Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Mich.) recieved the following:

  • 20″ Screen iMac
  • 10 iPods
  • $10,000 gift certificate to iTunes

How could this guy not be a mac person now for life? Granted its in no ones best interest to spend over $10,000 per customer aquisition, but the influence he willalready has over his friends and family definetley makes for quite an allie for Apple.

Looking at this entire process from an advertising perspective its clear the Apple PR machine was well oiled up for this spectacle. I also agree that this is exactly what should have been done. Can you imagine if Dell, Sony, or others did a similar thing for their hardware sales? This is what keeps Apple ahead of the pack.

Although there has been much talk of change lateley…this is what keeps Apple a “we” company and Sony a “they” company.

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Advertise Different – EggVertising


The first in a series about advertisers that go against the grain and help forge ahead in a sea of sameness a company called EggFusion has gone ahead and become the winner of the first company to be covered in‘s Advertise Different coverage. EggFusion, as you can see from above, is banking on the fact that you are going to look at your eggs before you purchase them (as well as when you get home) and see the advertising that will now be lasered into every egg. The added benefit to the consumer comes in the form of laser etched expiration date’s that will also accompany every brand message.  With over 50 billion eggs sold per year EggFusion certainly has a large sales number to work with. Only the future will tell us whether or not this company will succeed or not, but hey – what a great idea!

Thus I have named this new channel – EggVertising

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Olympics on TV: An Olympic Failure

This was the scene on the frontpage of today and it struck a cord with me that the “finale” has finally come for the olympics on TV. What will be observed by some in the future as a historic event, but not for the normal reasons.

Olympics TV
The Olympics in Torino are now over and they not only mark the end to the 40th Winter Olympics, but also to the end of traditional television advertising during the olympics. For the first time in history a website had more video consumed than traditional television. Although the website is owned and operated by the official broadcaster of the Olympics, NBC, it still marks a dramatic failure of advertising numbers that were promised by NBC. For back to back nights throughout the main Olympic events such as figure skating, and alpine skiing, NBC’s ratings did not even compare to the #1 rated show during this period: FOX’s American Idol. Not only did NBC fail to capture the ratings it was looking for, but it placed a distant 7th place…far from silver or bronze (sorry I just couldnt help it).

On Wednesday February 22nd 2005 Nielson ranked the Torino games the fifth-lowest rated olympics in history with only 11.3 household rating. Although the final outcome did place NBC in second place overall, and barely delivering on their advertising promises, overall I see this as a failure. Moving forward buying ads during the Olympics will never be the same.

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Internet Explorer No Longer Allowing Macromedia Flash…

Thanks to John Dowdell, it appears the IE/no-Flash development is not as serious as originally reported by Please see below:

(Q) Will advertisements be affected?
(A) Because most ad servers use an external script-based mechanism for detecting and serving Flash, they already employ a technique proposed by Microsoft for activating active content. To learn more about the expected changes to Internet Explorer and Microsoft’s proposed solutions for active content, please see the MSDN article.â€?

Original Post:

As reported by Adotas from email, Microsoft officially announced the suspension of flash technology for all those who use Internet Explorer software. Microsoft has been involved in an ongoing patent dispute with Eolas Technologies since 2004. Despite numerous appeals, the struggle continues. This will essentially put a halt on all “Flash-based” media across the web for IE users.
While a suspension of “Flash” may sound dire for interactive advertising, it could also be temporary relief from annoying advertisements for web surfers. Furthermore, the problem will be easily fixed through a patch that is already available. More information can be found here.

More importantly, what are the implications? From an advertising standpoint, some paid media will certainly be affected and pre-empted given the widespread use of Internet Explorer. In addition, this issue may result in more users switching to alternative browsers such as Firefox which has been growing browser market share.

Watch this space closely as things will change quickly given the fact that multiple sides to this battle have dynamic flash inventory running out on the internet right now.

Insight: Microsoft may be happy about this “block” in support of its supposed Flash killer

Links tracking the story:

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Joining The Conversation

There has been much talk lately of the blogosphere and the A,B, and C list bloggers. Everyone seems to disagree on the importance of having these lists, or whether they should not be used at all. One positive thing that has occurred is that more people are joining the conversation. Articles and blog posts have been written recently about the state of the blogosphere and how difficult it is to break into this field. I believe that content is still king and the right ideas and questions can generate as much traffic as a so called “A list blogger”?. The benefit some of these popular blogs have is that during a down cycle of posts or writing the readers do not ever take the author off of their reader or surf habits due to, well habit. By pro actively joining the conversation “late”? it is my goal to generate ideas, garner conversation, and spark interest in the areas I cover in an effort to give other marketers and executives a window to what they have been searching for online.

As the curtain in front of is pulled away you will see a different approach that allows novices and experts alike to participate in the conversation and learn together. One of the biggest problems I have seen to date for a “late adopter”? (i.e. most large agencies) is that there is no starting point for vocabulary, knowledge, or comprehending new and innovative ideas. This blog will cover learning about new media, learning about emerging media, and explain all aspects of interactive marketing for beginners. Some of the topics will delve into the most advanced and expert topics of the moment – while always keeping in mind that our reader – the marketer – will always make up his or her own mind.

To all those that say you cannot start a blog in 2006 – please use this blog as your exception to the rule in your 2007 predictions…

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