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Crypto on ice

There has been so much written about the recent collapse of FTX and SBF and things are changing every day. I don’t have much to add beyond what I am reading, mostly in shock. Thankfully I did not have exposure to this catastrophe happening,...

Lessons Learned in a Downturn

In reading about macro market events during the pandemic, I learned that people writing down their thoughts - in journals or notes - benefited greatly. I have done this a few times over the past few years, and in some cases it makes sense...

Tools I use: Krisp.ai

Background noise is a pain. Dogs barking. Babies crying. Leaf blowers war on leaves in the burbs. Cars in the city. You name it, and I have had it going in the background. This was all until I found a tool called Krisp...

Building Conviction When Startup Investing

photo of a turtle swimming underwater
I wanted to start sharing some of my investing thesis, how I make investments, and more importantly WHY I make them. I shared the following on Twitter recently and wanted to include in my blog here. 1/ I wanted to start sharing the WHY...

Tools I use: Vimcal

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I tweeted out the other day after being sick of dealing with calendar back and forth planning about what tools people use. To my delight someone recommended Vimcal and I have been hooked ever since. https://twitter.com/EricFriedman/status/1502395054702346247 The beauty of this tool is that you can...

Pro Tips When Starting Up

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I finalized my notes for the ODX Accelerator program, the early stage accelerator I am building at On Deck, and I wanted to summarize here. I love the start of programs, when teams are excited - all at the earliest stages of company creation....

2022 Predictions

Another trip around the sun is coming to a close for planet earth, and for the last few years I have been making predictions and holding myself accountable to them. Wow, I scored an incredible 1.5 out of 10! Now onwards to 2022 Let's do it...

Its time to experiment

We are experiencing a renaissance of builders, explorers, and experimenters within web3. The amount of incredible people gravitating towards this space is incredible to watch. Inspired by the Marc Andreesen post Its Time To Build my friend and long time collaborator and investing partner...

The Psychology Of Money & Me

I read and loved the book The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel and it had a profound impact on me. For those who have been around me recently know that I have adopted and paraphrased a mantra from the book: There is a difference...

Building The Machine Podcast Episode 5: Dan Kimerling Deciens Capital

I have known Dan for a decade through the NYC tech ecosystem. I lovingly call him the curmudgeon of fintech - in this episode we go deep into how he is building a venture capital firm and practice, not just running a fund and...