Hi I am Eric Friedman and this page is what I am focused on (and what I am not focussed on) inspired by Derek Sivers /now page

January 2018

  • Be the best advisor I can be to the companies I work with

(August 2017)

  • Expa Labs 2017
  • Family
  • Diving deep on cryptocurrency space

(January 2017 Update)

  • Expa Labs – open for applications until March 31st
  • Current (Expa Studio co.)
  • Kit (Expa Studio co.)
  • Write more!

(June 15th, 2016 Update)

Well this is proving harder to update than I thought.  I still like the idea of it and this page is now indexed so here goes

Focus Areas


(November 6th, 2015 Update)

I am living in NYC focussed on family + work + projects that consume most of my time.

Focus Areas

  • Family – spending as much time with my 10 mos. old daughter and wife as I can (and our dog too!)
  • 4 months into a new gig at Expa
    • Helping Companies survive and thrive – a helpful way of explaining to people what I do across the companies I work with
    • Helping with Hiring/Strategy/Board Meetings/Operations/Process
  • Consulting – helping early stage companies acquire their ideal domain name, and more importantly coming up with a sound plan if they can’t
  • BTM – I run an event in NYC called helping folks who are driving sales & revenue at startups connect with others in the same position (you should come check it out!)
  • Advising early stage companies – I help get them over hurdles and answer questions, or get them to someone who can

Reading list

  • Checklist Manifesto
  • Creativity, Inc.
  • PayPal Wars
  • Zero to One
  • Feiner points of Leadership
  • The New Father