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What if a big corporation designed the stop sign?

This is a perfect rendition of what can happen with committees, poor client direction, and an overall lack of leadership. I have been in fair share of meetings that make me want to shout “focus!”. Although hilarious it should inspire you to stay on target in your next “brainstorm” meeting. – Watch more free videos

My favorite part:
“We are targeting woman, but we are targeting men secondarily”

Weezer mashes up every Internet meme – will it blend?

Weezer has come out with a video (embedding disabled but the video already has 6MM views) that mashes up some of the best Internet meme’s over the past few years. Including but not limited to Tay Zonday, Numa Numa, the dramatic chipmunk, and many more. Source: Diving Bored

Checkout the Weezer Pork and Beans Video

For more info Wired has an interview with the director of the video Mathew Cullen.

I am still not sure why they do not allow embeds – almost seems hypocritical to the way in which many of the meme stars in this video got started. You can keep watching the Weezer channel for more content in coming weeks.

Viral Marketing for Batman

Jake points us to the new viral ad campaign that is happening for the new Dark Knight movie. (The official Dark Knight site is here)

What I like about this campaign is that it actually requests people go out and do something with the materials they give you on the site. You can download Harvey Dent signs, and are encouraged to go out and take pictures with them.

Do you believe?


In addition to the hype for the Dark Knight online – I am also very excited for this movie.

The Joker also has a viral site up over at Why So Serious.

Good Marketing – Great Coffee

I recently signed up for the Joffrey’s Java Beta Test because I basically fit their profile for “beta user” perfectly:

* Using web software that is in perpetual beta, like Gmail?
* Frequently signing up to participate in beta tests for web apps?
* Currently beta testing software for a new startup company?
* Fueled by coffee?

Joffrey’s Beta

I found out about the test via Mashable and have noticed tons of others blogging about the Joffrey’s program and the free coffee too.

I am a sucker for good marketing plays – and I think this is a great one. With over 1,000 blogs signed up for the program as of this writing, I am sure they are seeing some positive ROI on this deal. Sure they have to pay the cost of mailing out these Coffee samples, but the buzz they will get in the blogosphere must outweigh these costs.

This is exactly the type of grassroots marketing that a smaller company can do vs. taking out a local ad. It allows one to one interaction with customers and an excellent feedback loop for Joffrey’s.

Louis Vuitton – First TV Ad

Louis Vuitton put up what I believe is their first video ad called Louis Vuitton Journeys (embedded below – feed readers click through to view)

The overall message is “Where will life take you?” along with many other cliché lines like the ones from the end of the video shown below…

Does the person create the journey or does the journey create the person? The journey is life itself. Where will life take you?. Louis Vuitton.

I understand what they were trying to do with this ad, getting back to basics, trying to connect with the “traveler”, as well as perhaps reintroduce the LV brand – but it just does not seem to work for me.

It brings to mind another commercial with a similar tone…the Zoolander commercial.

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.


Make My Logo Bigger (just use this cream)

A recent funny viral video being sent around over at showing how you can FINALLY take care of all that white space on your website or brochure! Screen grab below…be sure to checkout the real video.


This was put on by the creative folks over at AgencyFusion

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