This blog is written by Eric Friedman.

I am focused on early stage founders building incredible companies.

Eric Friedman has been an early stage investor and operator for the past 10 years. Beginning at USV, investing in Foursquare, then joining them 6 years, he has built up operational expertise working for exceptional founders. Building out the Expa early stage accelerator provided a canvas to invest across 12 companies, and help scale internal studio companies. For the past few years Eric has been a fractional COO and executive coach, and most recently a Venture Partner at Company.co (Grand Central Tech) in NYC. Given the pandemic and the commercial real estate shift, he is looking for what is next. The right opportunity with a company at an inflection point that needs a strong operator, or deploying capital to great founders is the goal. In the interim he is coaching great founders and helping them become better leaders.

You can email me at ericfriedman @ gmail.com

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