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Eric Friedman

I am focused on early stage founders building incredible companies.

Eric Friedman is a early stage investor and operator in NY. Now building GraphAdvisors.com to serve VCs and Family Offices as a Fractional CFO/COO. He has been building companies, putting people into business, and executive coaching towards the goal of being a better advisor to founders.

You can read more about my Fractional COO & Coaching work here

Beginning his investing career at Union Square ventures he learned the craft of VC and how startup investing works. After investing in Foursquare he joined the company first building the BD team, then the Sales team scaling from 10 people to hundreds. Eric also has created and run two different startup accelerator programs (Expa Labs and On Deck Accelerator) going from zero to funded companies and full investment teams. Bringing operational excellence to allocators and funds is incredible work, continuing the goal of working with great teams.

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