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Background noise is a pain. Dogs barking. Babies crying. Leaf blowers war on leaves in the burbs. Cars in the city. You name it, and I have had it going in the background. This was all until I found a tool called Krisp that kills background noise. Yes, seriously.

The truth is here that you need to see this software to believe it. I have personally demo’d for a ton of people on zoom by turning it off, clapping loudly, then turning it and and doing the same. I think I have 100% conversion rate. It comes with a simple demo account and some free time, but once you use Krisp its hard to imagine going back – especially for your audience. It is $5.00 a month and worth every penny.

One of the coolest features for me is the summary of a call – in this case below after a 1:1 with someone I was managing. As you can see I didn’t quite hit the intended 20% listening/talking but I was almost there.

1:1 Report with Krisp

My goal is to do about 80% listening and 20% talking – I have some work to do here, but not bad for a 60 minute call. Its great to see the breakdown of sound/echo and I almost never have audio issues, even when things are VERY loud on my side.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it tracks and give analytics for all your meetings. The first time I saw that I spent 20hrs a week in zoom talking in meetings I was shocked. The good news is you can see trends and try to create limits.

I can highly recommend this tool and its absolutely worth $5.00 a month.

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