Its time to experiment


We are experiencing a renaissance of builders, explorers, and experimenters within web3. The amount of incredible people gravitating towards this space is incredible to watch. Inspired by the Marc Andreesen post Its Time To Build my friend and long time collaborator and investing partner Naveen and I launched something to encourage people even more.

We announced a grants program, for up to $5K in crypto for builders, for anyone, anywhere – its called is a way for us to show what we have been doing publicly. We have been investing, experimenting, and helping founders for the past few years and this is a way to continue doing so. This is the first time we have made any noise about it, but like many things we do its an experiment. I want to learn too. Thats why grants are about supporting people and encouraging them to be public about what they do. The goal is to have the wallet addresses of the people public, as well as a google sheet with their progress. By aligning builders together, having a mutual accountability, we hope to inspire and encourage creation. Altruistic it may be, but we hope to also inspire others.

CacheMoney is a silly nod to a lot of what we care about. It’s also an incredible moment when you email lawyers and other service providers who always get a laugh (after all we both love a good dad joke.). Naveen and I came together first through Foursquare and the geo and location based connection to cache is strong. Computer memory and being fast is core to what we do, and how we do things – cache being the fastest inspiration. Finally, as investors we are interested in making money – hence cash. Since this is all personal capital we have committed to moving quickly, being stage agnostic, and pushing ourselves to document and learn along the way.

If you are interested in following our progress or applying for a grant reach out – DMs are open @cachemoneyxyz or you can read more and apply here:


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