It’s the Company you keep


After about a year of consulting + executive coaching work as COO-As-A-Service for startups, I am happy to announce I’ll be joining the folks at If I have learned anything, it’s that the people you surround yourself with are everything. Company is a great fit: they host, advise, mentor, lend a shoulder, and provide a place to founders and teams. These things are right up my alley because it’s what I love doing and align with my goal to be the best advisor to early-stage founders.

Matt Harrigan (cofounder Company; CEO Company Ventures) reached out when I set out on my own, and he was kind enough to lend me a desk in the building. In the months that followed I got a chance to meet some of the people on the Company team, spend time with some of the founders working out of the Company building, and most importantly understand their mission: to become the most impactful place for entrepreneurs to build their business. With over one million square ft of space in a newly renovated 335 Madison Ave (did I mention it’s basically on top of Grand Central?) Company is the most equipped organization to deliver on this mission. Just as Matt and team provided me with a place and resources with other amazing people, I will be helping to do the same for other founders.

I do not know of anything that is operating at this magnitude, with these resources anywhere else. And all in the heart of NYC! I am looking forward to sharing more here soon, but for now it’s back to bringing the best companies and founders in NYC into the program for next year – apply by 11/22/2019 for the program starting in 2020!

And feel free to drop me a note anytime at

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