NNTR (No Need To Respond)


I am a big fan of the no update, update. A simple way to let someone know you are “on it” but with no material change.

I was recently talking to a company I advise that is awaiting a big answer from a potential partner. I have a good relationship with them and to keep things top of mind I sent them what I call a NNTR message. No Need To Respond emails are great because you can proactively get the job done by getting back in front of someone, let them know a piece of information, and not require an answer back.

In a world of asynchronous communication and constant interruptions there is a clear value for a non interruptive alert (email) that conveys information that you don’t need to respond too.

The context for this can be anything, but I think it’s best to let someone know “no need to respond”. Nobody wants to get more emails, but getting some that don’t require a response is great. It’s a passive check in that help you deliver relevant information.

I will certainly be sending more of these, and hope you do too. Link here if helpful and let someone know N.N.T.R.

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