Building The Machine


I decided to leave my recent role and get back to doing what I love – advising founders. My goal is to help entrepreneurs build the machine within their startup to help their companies grow and scale and keep them running smoothly.

For now, this means advising early stage teams and offering myself as a “COO in a box” – consulting for companies that need operational excellence and trusted help.

My True North is staying close to early stage startups and working as a strong advisor and coach. Whether it’s helping someone transform a side project into a business, supporting friends becoming founders, or building the machine inside a high growth startup, I want to spend my time and energy executing this mission.

From my ten years of operating and investing experience at startups, I recognize that each department at a company needs to operate efficiently on its own, yet work in concert, together. Each cog is critical to creating a successful company: the engineering machine, the sales machine, the design machine, the marketing machine, the product machine, the growth machine, etc. To help them all, I am launching:

Building The Machine is a collection of the best resources I have come across, which includes: blog posts, frameworks, workshops, podcasts, videos, templates, service providers, and more – all in one place (special thanks to Jonathan Grana for helping to build this site). This also allows me to go from 1:1 coaching to one-to-many. Exactly what the web was designed for in the first place.

There is no perfect playbook, but there are plenty of lessons to share.

If you or your portfolio companies are interested, please reach out to me at ericfriedman @ gmail . com

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