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The only startup analogy I like to make is to the real life Tyrannosaurus Rex – a giant carnivore, awesomely represented in Jurassic Park running after Jeff Goldblum and co. In the movie, Dr. Ian Malcolm utters the semi infamous phrase “Must go faster” and I love it. For those playing at home, this line is also in Independence Day (but not really)It represents everything to me in the fast paced world of early stage companies and a constant reminder of what you need to do to stay alive.

Here is the full clip which is worth a watch:

When folks compare startups to mythical creatures and made up animals, it always gives me a laugh.  Instead, I like to keep my head down and remember this phrase because its the only thing that matters. When times are tough, the competition appears to be doing something awesome, or you are running out of money – actions will help over deliberations and paralyzing “what if” conversations. Shipping + Actions solve problems. Commiserating and focussing on what you *think* is going on does not.

Perception can be reality, but what is happening behind closed doors is usually vastly different from the latest tech press. When in doubt, look around and find the people taking action, and going faster.

This is not to say that go at a untenable speed and break things, but rather to make sure you are taking action. I have always loved the expression that exemplifies this well “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” (Navy SEAL origins)

I like this manifestation, because it takes the best parts of going fast and ensures that they are also going well.

So as a reminder to those founders I work with and myself; Must. Go. Faster.

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  1. […] I really don’t like the term “unicorn” to describe growing companies of any scale. As I have written about before, I think imaginary mythical creatures that aren’t real in the first place are a terrible way of describing reality. The only animal I like to talk about as it relates to startups is the T-Rex, and fond of reminding folks they must-go-faster. […]

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