The Trojan Horse into smart homes is Voice


The fight has been underway for some time by hardware and platform companies to get into homes for more data, more control, and more share of wallet. The attack vectors have been things like home entertainment systems (think Xbox or Playstation), smart appliances, smart TVs, IoT (think smart light bulbs), and now voice assistants (Amazon, Google, Apple).

For the first time after getting the following email from Amazon announcing Alexa calling, directly following the launch of the Amazon Echo Show, I think Amazon has a real shot and pulling ahead in this race.

The below image helps explain why — they are connected your address book to the hardware system that you maybe use with a few other devices and your music service.

Email from Amazon announcing Alexa calling

You see, the real Trojan horse (voice, get it?) is putting a handy device that is novel and cool, that has marginal utility and building on it piece by piece.

Every week I get another email from Amazon announcing a new skill that does something on the Alexa. The novelty and wow factor make the Amazon Alexa appear exactly as it should at first glance — a toy.

A few choice reactions after seeing an Amazon Alexa for the first time (I was an early adopter)

“That’s dumb” — a friend who how never seen it before

“I’m not using that” — friends before I hooked up Phillips Hue to it.

“Do we need it in the middle of the living room” — my wife before I integrated Spotify

With the smart upgrade Amazon now has an incredible missing link that closes the loop on many levels — my address book and contact list (good news they added call blocking). Now Amazon can know who I am connected to, who I communicate with most often, and who I spend my time talking to.

Convinced this is genius yet? Or are you totally creeped out?

A few voice devices trying to capture the home market in a Kit I created

The reason I think Amazon is a tech titan ready to take out so many startups are moves like this. How many have tried to link up a social network + hardware device + purchase ability all in one? Who has a chance against Amazon?

Now with an Amazon Echo Video + my address book + my order history = the time for owning homes is upon us.

I thought some time ago that the trojan horse to home automation was the Amazon Dash buttons but I was wrong. The adoption of integrated buttons into washing machines for Tide never materialized. The world of other buttons showing up to control my home never came out. Instead and hardware device that is perfect for Father’s Day, now has the added capability to be useful everyday.

This move feels like the beginning of the ecosystem that became Prime Shipping and Prime Video.

Prime Video as an add on was a no brainer to “test and try” for Prime customers. Now however you have people signing up for Amazon Video and testing Prime! This has to be the greatest trick Amazon has ever pulled…until now.

My hypothesis around this is that Amazon is aiming to be the central entertainment and commerce hub we were promised in the late 90s.

Anyone remember the AT&T You Will campaign?

Nobody could pull this off until now because there was no utility. Back then it felt like trying to sell the first fax machines — sure one day when everyone has one I’ll get one too. The Networks effects of voice hardware are finally kicking in.

They did it by getting a marginally helpful voice controlled hub connected with everything you love then sprinkling in features you can’t live without.

In my thinking on Team, Time, and Tech — Amazon have nailed all three and my prediction is Amazon is trying own the “Home as a Platform” or “Home OS”.

Playing catch up here are Microsoft, Google and a distant Apple.

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