Tools I use: 1Password

A few years ago I took the plunge and started using 1Password for all my passwords and logins. At first I thought outfitting all my devices was expensive, but given the time savings its well worth it. The pricing model has changed slightly and the folks behind this amazing software, AgileBits, have even done free giveaways.

In a nutshell 1Password is a password management tool that keeps all your login credentials safe. You can use it for many different things including managing identities, credit cards, and other important info you want to keep secret.

I use a desktop version of the software, browser plugin, mobile app, and a web version (explained below) to get quick access to everything.



Since beginning to use 1Password I don’t think I have had to remember or make up a password in awhile. I typically leave the pw length at 50 and produce a jumble of letters, numbers, characters, and special characters. The only downside is that some services do not support long passwords and limit you to 20 characters.  Here is a recent error message I got


My use case is to synchronize 1Password with DropBox, which has a convenient ability to always be able to get access to my 1Password data via any web browser (as long as I remember my DropBox password which is a potential security weakness).

The other benefit to 1Password is that there is a simple browser extension that listens for a keyboard shortcut to quickly insert your login/pw into web forms. This has saved me countless hours as I have multiple logins, even across the same service (think test accounts).

I tried and failed to adopt other services, and for some reason 1Password just stuck and I now use it every day.  The folks behind it make constant improvements and its a investment that is well worth it.