Setting up a custom short domain name

I have been wanting to setup my own custom short URL for awhile and finally got around to setting up  I was inspired by Mark Suster who uses  The process was simple; purchase your own short domain name and connect it to a short link service.  My service of choice is, which allows you to do this for free and provides great stats – here is an example:

Logging into, navigate to settings>advanced and add your own custom domain.


Screenshot 2013-11-14 21.06.41


Next, login to your registrar, and navigate to the settings of that domain.  Mine looks like the image below, but yours may look different depending on where you purchased your domain from.  Once you are in, change the A record for your domain to the suggestion IP from  Its a quick change that should happen right away, followed by confirming this step in your advanced settings tab.

Screenshot 2013-11-14 21.07.54

Once the DNS records have been updated, will display that your new short domain is ready for use.

Screenshot 2013-11-14 21.11.54I have written before about how I share content online, and this fits that workflow very well.  BufferApp, which I use to share most things, picks up my new custom domain via and subsequently shares it across each of my networks.  My new short URL is alive!

Its actually unclear to me whether or not this will have any impact on engagement with things I share, but its a fun experiment I have wanted to do for a long time.  So if you see an link around the web, now you know!


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