9.4 years on gmail

An email project out of MIT shows you an interesting breakdown of your email usage.  You have to authorize your gmail account, but you can delete all data once you are done.

It turns out I have been using gmail for 9.4 years and have somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 emails per year.  Below is a snapshot of what my gmail graph looks like.  This image removes names, but you can clearly see the nodes I interact with that are grouped together.  Some are friend groups, family, work, projects, basically all the different groups that I interact with.  It was also interesting to see the silo groups that I either didn’t email with anyone else (ever) or simply emailed with them years prior.



I like this type of analysis a lot because its the first time I have been able to look back at a decade of gmail usage.

If you are really interested in seeing activity, you can checkout the Account Activity Beta from Google.  It shows you a breakdown of ALL your google information including emails, calendars, YouTube videos watched, google searches, location data – basically everything.  I like quantifying my personal and work emails to see the flow of communication.  It is interesting to see patterns when traveling, during major working milestones, or just in general.

  • It’s been chewing on my gmail for about half an hour now. But I have 650,000 threads and around 3M messages.

  • Thats a huge number! Its worth the wait if you can leave it open in a browser tab and come back. Once things are loaded there is a lot of data that is worth taking a look at. Let me know how it goes!

  • Still thinking after three hours. You get mail counts like that when you work on core Android and Linux software (kernel, system apps, etc). All of that development takes place over email.

  • Aperlis

    Wow, Eric that is crazy! Amazing how accurate is if you look at it from a social graph perspective. You could literally see who are my friends are and how they are all connected to each other.

  • You are one of the bubbles!!

  • Aperlis

    Im guessing I am one of the Orange one 🙂

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