Twitter hacked – reminder of connected Twitter apps


I was in the 250,000 or so users who “may” have had their Twitter account compromised last week.  There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not this is connected to other security breaches elsewhere.

I changed my password and actually audited where else I may have used this password – hopefully I am clear.

However during the process Twitter reminded me of all the other sites/apps/services I have OAuth’d with in the past few years.

WOW – ALMOST 200  APPS! (oops!)

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 10.18.38 PM

I don’t think I have visited the full list of apps (where can you do this) in years.  I methodically went through and disconnected many many services.  A ton of them have either; been acquired, gone out of business, are defunct, or just seem random.

It feels good to do this housekeeping, but its also a dangerous reminder of the sheer number of services that had rights to my account.

When I was looking at companies at USV I must have connected my Twitter account to services multiple times per day/week/month – and I never kept track of them.

Its a reminder to audit these connections every so often and make sure your machine to machine credentials are not in the wrong hands.

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