NYTM Simulcast


Back in 2009, when the New York Tech Meetup first began livestreaming, I decided to host an offsite event at the USV office called the mini NYTM.  (wow a lot has happened since then!)

At first I think the amazing folks at the NYTM didn’t love the idea, but once I had a chance to chat with Nate about it, he unofficially officially gave it his blessing 🙂  Earlier this year they made simulcasting the NYTM official.

Now in the heart of SOHO at foursquare HQ, I am in a great position to host this type of event for the NY tech community.  Our office provides a great space to live stream the event and encourage conversation between the small group of people that will be here.  So many great conversations have started at these events, as well as been a first step into getting involved at a startup or technology company that I am happy host.  We have a few first timers already signed up and I hope to have a great group of people, and an even better conversation.

Interested?  Sign up for the NYTM Simulcast at foursquare (I am starting with a small group at first so it may be full quickly)

As part of my goal to Always Be Helping the NYTM, I hope this delivers.

(huge thanks to Kristin Stannard for helping to coordinate!)


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