Countdown to “Unlimited Everything” mobile plans


Verizon recently announced that at the end of June 2012 they are going to have a new plan they call Share Everything (more here.)

The crux of the deal is that you will have Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and Shareable Data.  The matrix below outlines the offering

I am now starting a countdown until they open up the third pillar with Unlimited Data.  I don’t think that its too far off.  I know there are other “unlimited everything” plans but they do not include family plans and add on devices such as tablets and wifi hotspots.  The closest you can get is with TMobile’s unlimited plan and adding devices that way (trust me, I used to do it)

The race to the bottom is happening and I expect other mobile carriers to follow suit.  I can imagine a time where there is total ubiquitous connectivity and the services you pay for are on top of the pipes (carriers) and are all added value.

The convergence to unlimited Talk, Text, and Data is already on its way and Verizon just took a big step to get there faster.  I hope other carriers follow shortly.

In a world where there is unlimited bandwidth these things are all possible.


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