Always Be Helping the @NYTM

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I have been a member  and participant of the New York Tech Meetup for many years, and it was one of the ways in which I got exposed to great startups in NYC.

I have met some great people, seen some incredible demos, and made some good friends over the years.  When I saw the opportunity to participate further, I jumped at the chance and wanted to pitch how I can continue to be helpful, only this time as a member of the board.

I am running to Always Be Helping the NY Tech Meetup, or simply #abh.  

If I continue to help people get introduce to tech companies, help startups hire more engineers, or simply bring exposure to the meetup, I have accomplished my goal.

For many, the NYTM is a large gathering of tech minded folks around the idea that anyone with a great idea can present to their peers to get feedback, users, pitch practice, networking help, and various other benefits.  What it has evolved into is a great organization for New York, capturing the mindshare of both those new to the tech sector, and bringing back those who have worked in the area for decades.

I have participated since the organization matured from a warehouse meeting led by Scott Heiferman, to a ful fledged non profit transitioned to Nate Westheimer and a full board.  Its been a great ride and the core principles have remained the same which is why it is a thriving group with thousands of members.

I have enjoyed and benefited from getting to know folks involved in many startups and want to continue in the following ways;

1. Always be helping to hire bring great talent to startups

2. Always be helping guide people to the technology sector

3. Always be helping people network with relevance

Hire great talent

Referrals are the best way to get great talent.  By identifying great candidates, understanding company culture, and knowing about openings and needs I hope to be a resources to startups large and small, looking for great people.

Guide and mentor

Having worked on both sides of the table in this arena over the past 8 years I can bring some perspective, answer questions, and know when to get out of the way.  Sometimes people need a sounding board for their next move, sometimes they need more direction and I provide both.


I would like to think I have the unique ability to connect folks together when there is a need.  Identifying the right people and opportunities is helpful to startups that have just started, and those that have been around for years.  I have done both over the years.

If you agree that the NYTM needs this kind of help you can nominate me here and vote for me in December – more info here.

If you agree with helping the New York Tech Community I hope  you can share this mantra and use the #ABH hashtag!

I support the @NYTM and want to help Hire great talent #ABH

I support the @NYTM and want to help guide and mentor #ABH

I support the @NYTM and want to help network #ABH

Getting more members, being active, and supporting great organizations like this make the ecosystem better as a whole, and I hope to continue doing that for years to come.