12 years of ebay

I was recently thinking about the sheer number of services I have signed up for, certainly increasing in the past 5 years, and thinking back on some of the old services I don’t use anymore.  I would ventures to say that my time on the VC side of things yielded probably 10 signups a week on the low side and 100 per week on the high side.

What prompted this post however was this congratulatory email from eBay celebrating 12 YEARS using the service.  This is certainly a milestone for me because I am not sure if there is another example of a service that I use anymore.  I still have an @aol.com account, but never use it.  I still have a domain from 1998 that I bought (multiplayergames.com) but thats not the same.

eBay is a service (As well as paypal) that I use at least yearly, if not quarterly.  Its certainly had its share of startups that have tried to disrupt its throne – but the sheer volume and breadth have kept it the market leader.  Its a rare site that stays in the top spot so long, and I wonder how much longer the reign can continue.  I don’t doubt the power and utility of the service (I just used it last month) but I wonder if they can sustain it forever.
I always wondered why companies didn’t take the opportunity to give something amazing to their old customers, but I guess it will always be about getting new customers to signup.

Here is to another 12 years eBay!