Foodspotting has acquired


I am very excited to announce that Foodspotting has acquired

I am extremely proud of this sandbox project created by my co-founders and friends Mike SingletonSam Huleatt, and Sam Brown

Below is the final goodbye page we posted on notifying our users on 12/17/2010

We began working on in the fall of 2009 as a labor of love, and it quickly turned into a interesting web service that got some traction.  Although it was a side project, we dedicated our time and energy into creating something special.

Not long after it began myself, Mike, and Sam B. found ourselves working together again at a slightly larger project that was our sole focus and taking up 100% of our time – Foursquare.  We then asked the community what we should do with our project that was too small to fail, and with limited resources soon went after a different outcome.

I learned an enormous amount of things during the course of this project and am thankful for the experience.

I wish the Foodspotting team the best of luck with continuing our mission of tracking meals and our original thesis “data + pictures = change”

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