My colleague and friend Andrew Parker did a great visualization mapping startups over Craigslist categories they competes in. You should click through and read his thoughts.

First, it is incredible that around 30 companies are actively attacking these categories, whether directly or indirectly, on Craigslist – more if you dig deeper and include competitors within each set.

Second, some of these companies have been competing in the space for a long time such as (USV portfolio co.),, and while others are very new such as,, and

I think you will continue to see small niche categories getting full blown solutions and entrants to markets that would otherwise not be possible in the past. This is due in large part to lower cost of capital to get started, lower production and development timelines, and the fragmentation of attention as people are willing to go to the best possible solution vs. a one size fits all portal.

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4 responses to “The Spawn of Craiglist – A Visualization”

  1. daryn Avatar

    Thanks for the mention, Eric!

    Though we provide a massive amount of benefit for both advertisers and searchers (teachers and students in our world), and people are discovering TeachStreet on its own, the portal remains an important traffic source for us.

    To encourage teachers to reach out to this broader audience, we actually provide templates that our teachers can copy and paste into their Craigslist postings, which allow them to publish well-structured, well-designed advertisements for their services, and drive traffic to their pages on our site where the student can find much richer information.

    It's a strategy that the teachers understand, and has worked out well while we build up our own traffic and audience.

  2. New York Programmers Avatar

    Hello Eric,

    My name is Brian (founder of My opinion on the fact that there seems to be a trend of new startups business models reflecting Craiglists (CL) category is that this is by no means unbelievable. The reason I say this simple: CL is an online classified listing. Within a classified (a traditional newspaper type) there are almost every category that has anything to do with people's everyday living, so is CL. Thus, if you were to come with an idea thats going to provide (especially basic) service most likely CL has a category for it. Personally I have a love hate relationship with CL. The reason for this being I am a programmer/developer and CL provides a platform that undermines our industry by allowing 'cheapskates' to virtually control market price of our services. An example “I want an amazon-lookalike website developed within 30 days. Please submit resume, 20 portfolios and 20 references…willing to pay $100”. On the other hand, I applaud the simplicity of CL in addition to the idea of giving content creation of the site totally to users. Hence I developed (am still developing, which is based on ideas such as “Give social networking tools such as tweets, friend requests; give open community tool such as groups & forums; and on top of that add new features that allow members to promote their IT-related businesses/skills by interacting directly with clientbase; and give this clientbase easy tools/infra-structure to get the best talent for their projects at best possible price; and many more…”. And there you've

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