Google Zeitgeist 2009


I love looking at the data disclosed in the yearly Google Zeitgeist and the 2009 data is no exception. I seemed to have missed posting about it last year, but mentioned the 2007 Zeitgeist.


Below are some interesting lists I found from the latest data.

Internet Memes of 2009 under Entertainment

1. kanye west
2. xzhibit
3. courage dog
4. three wolf moon
5. gentlemen
6. keyboard cat
7. candlejack
8. csi miami
9. lolcats
10. i accidentally

Here is a local favorite – searches by city New York, NY

1. cuny portal
2. duane reade locations
3. mta trip planner
4. seamless web
6. hopstop
7. hale and heardy
8. shake shack
9. nyu home
10. queens library

I would love to see Google to a Zeitgeist of all their properties such as Google Trends, News, and others – obviously they have this data.

Find something interesting? Let me know.

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