The NY Tech Meetup is a staple NYC where those interested in fast technology pitches that normally consist of only a demo and some Q & A, come together once a month.

Started by Scott Heifferman, Founder of (Disclosure: USV Portfolio Company) and now run by Nate Westheimer, the NYTM is a great event.

Recently, they have begun livestreaming the monthly meetup and I have taken advantage of this feature by hosting mini New York Tech Meetups in my office. This is our latest mini meetup below.


The benefit is good food, nice people, and an open back channel to discuss the presentations and demos without worrying about interrupting others. The goal behind this is to get back to the smaller group dynamic I feel is missing in the now 700+ people meeting together once a month. Most people agree the best conversations happen after the event, and I wanted to provide a forum to make that happen.

I am not sure if this will continue every month, but so far the feedback has been great. Without the dedicated team behind the NYTM putting on a monthly event and of course livestreaming it none of this would be possible, which is why everyone continues to purchase a regular ticket ($10.00) to support the “real” event. Thanks to those who came out, and thanks to the NYTM team for a continued successful monthly event.

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