Google Allowing other Ad Networks to run in AdSense Placements

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Google announced a new way to maximize revenue potential with current ad placements by allowing participating ad networks to run ads in current AdSense spots. I received an email update earlier, but the feature is not yet active within my account.

I find this an interesting move and one that enforces the location and position that Google ads have on so many sites using AdSense.

It is the next extension for those that find Google Ad Manager too difficult, or not worthwhile as they do not have the need for third party ads.

For many, AdSense is use in tandem with other networks and now having a built in ad optimizer will be an interesting option. This also is interesting for those it the yield optimization businesses.

Its important to note that all filters including competitive ad filters, category filters, and privacy filters will translate through to these new networks.

Below is a video explaining the new feature:

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