I have become a fan of the term FriendDA recently (say it out loud and it should make sense) and I have started hearing it a lot more.

Some call it slightly more hearty than a handshake and even built a site dedicated to the FriendDA while others say its a mutual exchange and nothing written is needed.

fistbump(Image courtesy of

To add my own flare to this agreement I think it should be sealed with a fist bump instead of the more official handshake – after all, you are friends right?

In my opinion the important piece of the FriendDA is the following from the site as well as the humor it brings to what is otherwise a normally very serious document.

I believe The Idea will only improve as a result of having solicited your honest and clear feedback.

I have entered into a few of these agreements recently, and feel confident sharing my own ideas back with these people.

I think reputation plays a big role in these type of agreements. If you violate someones trust that story or reputation will follow you to the next person or project.

Having a FriendDA allows you to bounce ideas off of someone you trust, and share things that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day. Sometimes it is great to vet things with someone else, or feel confident in providing solid feedback without having to worry about what that person is doing with the information.

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