10 Great Presentation Resources

I have seen my fair share of presentations in my life, both presented to me and those I have created and given. I have been collecting a number of resources and thought I would share them here.

1. Presentation Zen – Making your presentations in the TED style
If you have not seen a TED presentation prepare to get addicted as its an amazing collection of presentations that should inspire and influence you to no end.

2. The hierarchy of Presentations – Seth Godin
“The best presentation is no presentation at all” – definitely a good read

3. Design Fast Websites I have written about this one before but its an actual presentation that combines great images, the right amount of bullets, and a cohesive message – all without the original presenter giving it to you.

4. Need help building your presentation? checkout Ethos3

5. Want to build your presentation online? Checkout 280Slides

6. Want to share your presentation or embed it in a blog? Checkout SlideShare.com

7. Want to deliver a presentation like Steve Jobs? Checkout tips from a real communications coach

8. Want to learn how to interview better? Checkout these Web 2.0 interviews (ok, not a presentation but great help for both body language and tone while speaking)

9. Powerpoints are not your presentation

10. Seth Godin – Really bad powerpoint