Internet Explorer 8 and the History of the Web


Internet Explorer 8 officially launched recently and Bradley and Montgomery (BaM), the innovative independent agency behind Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment, released a humorous video created to promote the launch of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8.

From the release:

Ben Carlson, Chief Strategy Officer of BaM, explains the thinking behind the campaign, “Almost everything you’ve experienced on the World Wide Web in the past 15 years or so has been seen through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

I hope Internet Explorer 8 does not mean a bookend for Microsoft and the browser wars. Now that people are switching to Google Chrome and Firefox in droves I think the window in which people view the Internet is slowly changing.

I only use Internet explorer now for antiquated systems that refuse support for new browsers. Without naming names I can say that I use IE for a major bank, a major piece of enterprise software, and an email provider – all do not work on FF and definitely do not work on Chrome or other browsers.

I think continued upgrades and new releases are great for consumers (albeit difficult for developers) and new browsers create further innovation. Ultimately, consumers will win out, but standards must continue to be met.

There are even campaigns to try to end the usage of IE 6 as I found here and as the date says (March 2009) that time is now.

I will keep moving between Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, and Google Chrome for the time being – but I hope to report back soon on the changeover to only one browser choice.

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