Managing Social Networking – and RSS

Guest post by Josh Whitford of Unconventional Marketing

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As the social media scene unfolds there is now more opportunity than ever to join a variety of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, WordPress and so on. The problem now more than anything is having the ability to manage all of those accounts and still remain effective at networking. Having the ability to reach your customer, clients, friends and followers wherever they are is critical to building connections.

The folks over at designed a site where you have the ability to update your status on dozens of different social networking sites. I use Gmail for just about everything and allows you to add its updater to your Google Chat list. So anytime I want to update my status, I click on the chat and type is my update. A second later I get a response that my status have been updated. If I were to log in to all the different accounts I have and manually update my status it would probably take 10-15 minutes (given I don’t get sidetracked being on those sites).

This begs the question, “What good is it if you update your status but don’t get the replies or see others’ updates?”

Glad you asked. The second part to this social networking management is having the ability to subscribe to most sites like Twitter and Facebook via your RSS reader. With one chat box you can update the status on all your social networking sites, and in one RSS reader you can see all your followers’ or friends’ status changes as well.

All of this automation might seem like it defeats the purpose of joining those sites to begin with, but in the end you are saving a lot of time while increasing your social networking capabilities. In my book I would rather be able to participate in 5 conversations well versus those same 5 conversations well but at a huge loss of time. Play around and see what other ideas you can come up with to increase your online footprint while managing to stay on top of all of them.

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