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For some time many people have come to know this blog as the place to find my thoughts and rants online. As the main topic of this blog has become Marketing and Technology it is not always the best place for all my thoughts and links I want to share. For this reason I have also started blogging over at EricFriedman using Tumblr. I have been doing so for quite awhile, since 2007, and I wanted to share it with readers here. I cannot promise the same type of posts – but it allows me a more personal place to share my thoughts on the web. Being able to post via email has become more important to me as I want to share pictures I take and videos in real time – now I have those options.

So if you are looking to find me – here are your options:

I never knew what would happen when I started blogging – but the feedback and conversations I have entered into since the beginning have been worth all the effort. I have met people through this blog, gotten into spirited debates, and gotten introduced to many new ideas and companies. I think opening up my output as described above will hopefully continue the trend of people and ideas coming in. Thanks for reading!

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