Google Chrome


Google released their browser Chrome today and the blogosphere has been busy giving reactions and predictions. My favorite bit of news re: Chrome comes from Scoble.

Several years ago Microsoft had a project code-named Chrome. It was supposed to be a multimedia browser. The project was killed a few weeks away from shipping.

If you have not already had a chance you should definitely checkout the comic book that Google released yesterday about Chrome explaining the product. I think it is one of the most coherent explanations of some very technical material that many people will end up reading.

My initial thoughts
It is fast
I feel like I am using an application instead of a browser
Tab location is a bit confusing – but it does make more sense
Behavior of new tabs is a bit annoying – some appear at the end of all tabs, while others appear next to the tab you are on. This depends on usage and there is no constant model.
I love the download feature – very reminiscent of the iphone itunes and iphone app store feelings

As the first reviews of Google Chrome are pouring in during the day I find myself sorting through the reactions. For the most part they seem positive. I think there are some folks are are annoyed with this move by Google simply because its coming from Google. I think if another company or even a startup did the same thing it would be a completely different reaction.

For a great set of screen shots checkout Blogoscoped coverage.

The browser wars are certainly heating up.

My goal is to kick the tires on Chrome for a little while then report back my thoughts. Being able to test it side by side with Firefox will certainly allow myself and others the ability to really see how Chrome stacks up.

The real news coming out of Google today is the Picasa upgrade – which I am really looking forward to.

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