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I was lucky enough to get to go to Momofuku Ko this evening for my birthday invited by Jessica. I have written about Momofuku Ko before and how their unique reservation system and scarce offering has been a huge help to them and demand to go to this restaurant. For those not interested in this subject…some breaking Momofuku Ko news at the bottom of this post.

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For those of you that do not know Momofuku Ko is a restaurant in NYC that only takes reservations via the web (how very annoying 2.0 of them) and is a great dining experience based on the scarcity of those who actually get to go there. I admit being caught up in the hype and trying to login a few times to get a reservation, but gave up soon after. I was lucky enough however to get the chance to go and it was definitely worth it.

Fine dining, great atmosphere, and excellent food made for an all around great evening. I do not claim to be a foodie blogger, but I will say that the pairings we had with each course were amazing, and I have included a few pictures below.


Momofuku Ko does not actually allow pictures, something I found out halfway through our meal, as it can distract from the experience if flashes are going off. Luckily I had my camera phone, sans flash, so I was able to snap a few pics before hearing about this rule without bothering anybody.


So what does this all have to do with Marketing and Technology? Well, not too much but I feel that a good online reservation system warrants a good post at


Rumor has it that Momofuku Ko will soon be open for lunch!

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