Twitter functions we wish existed

I was recently browsing Twitter and began thinking about the instant nature of everyone posting. As I have said before there are many conversations happening live on Twitter that may never get blogged. This got me started on this blog post about features that I wish existed. It is a culmination of my colleagues requests, other twitter users, and my own random filter on the whole topic. Feel free to follow my Twitter updates here.

1. Preview or Draft Function

I do not think that Twitter usability would be affected that much and give a feature that is found in just about every other messaging system. For the die hard twitter fans they could even put the button somewhere away from the typical “usage” area of creating your message.

2. Group messaging

It would be nice to be able to group or tag groups of friends (see below) and then send a message to all of them at the same time. Will this contribute to Twitter spam? Maybe, but it would be helpful.

3. Group labels or tagging

As more and more people join Twitter and more followers come about I find my twitter friends hard to sort through and organize. I think this would also help determine relationships between business and personal friends which are now on every social network – especially for those of us who work in the Social Media business.

4. Edit a Tweet (Thanks Brian)

5. Non-Linear Tweet-Reading

non-linear tweet-reading. maybe your tweets’ avatars in a grid with an expand/retract to see their tweets?

Thanks mktackabery via this Tweet

I know that simplicity has been key to the success of Twitter, and these functions would be in line with the original idea. There could still be the speed-text box that Twitter currently uses and a more advanced functions box. This would also mean that other software could add a new layer of detail and control to posts.

Wish there were other Twitter functions? Leave a comment or send a Tweet my way.