Marketing Links Roundup 10/24/07

Marketing Links

Welcome back to another edition of the Marketing links roundup – making it easier to digest the weekly happenings in the world of online marketing.

First up big new in the world of social networking:
Microsoft makes a $240MM investment in Facebook

In similar news RIM announced a Facebook application for Blackberry users which I heard about at Blackberry cool

Here is a funny Facebook parody called “CrackBook” (maybe NSFW)

Google has made some major PageRank updates that are affecting many blogs.
Not relevant? Page Rank is what many blog networks use to backup their advertising rate cards and charge certain prices for the sale of text links. If Google really has altered the Page Rank algorithm it will be awhile before we know the ramifications of the shakeout. Perhaps Google found a way to identify “Paid Links” on blogs. This blog has a Page Rank of 5 which I thought was decent…from the recent fallout I am starting to think its not half bad at all:)

Apple lays out its 10 year plan
With a stock price that keeps climbing and perhaps the biggest holiday period coming in recent history for Apple, suddenly not being #1 has its advantages. The market share for Apple has nowhere to go but up in Q4 and into 2008. The question remains how big can they get before their first major problem?

Vimeo launches HD video sharing
Hey cable companies – are you listening?

GraphWise Search engine for table data.

Equity Firms to Buy Alltel in $27.5 Billion Deal

MediaShift has a great article about how a newsroom of the future may look

Take a closer look at how Google ranks Blogs

Microsoft launched its content ads network