Google Alerts & Feedburner’s RSS


From a marketing perspective, I think RSS will ultimately replace email marketing and other forms of “elected” customer communication. For example, instead of receiving emails from your favorite brands and stores on a monthly or weekly cycle, RSS marketing will allow customers to receive updates only when there is relevant news such as a sale or an update on a specific item of choice. Moreover, RSS allows one to manage his or her updates in a very clean and convenient manner.

Eric and I have been speculating on this topic for a while and there is no doubt in my mind that Google’s acquisition of Feedburner will be a major turning point for RSS technology. More people will be exposed to RSS technology through gmail, personalized home pages, and most likely, Google Alerts (Microsoft tried to integrate RSS technology into Outlook 2007 and Live Mail as well). As of now, Google Alerts allow one to receive an email whenever there is updated information relating to a specific search. For example, if I typed in “Yankees & RedSox,” I will receive a Google alert every time new information is found on the web.

I would prefer to have this customizable search update in RSS format. Ideally, I would like the option to have updates from all of my favorite stores, brands, and bands in RSS too. I have a hunch that Google and Feedburner will make this happen!

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