Podcast Interview With Penelope Trunk: The Brazen Careerist

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In the latest podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Penelope Trunk, columnist for the Boston Globe, Yahoo Finance and author of the new book


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Show Notes:

Introduction: Penelope’s Story

The Role of Penelope’s Blog: Conversation with readers, promotion, awareness, new ideas

The column is interactive, the blog is conversation, the book = the perfect extension

Networking: Eric and I met Penelope through her blog.

Penelope: “I meet the coolest people through commenting and interacting with the web.”

The ideal benefits of a blog = conversation and interaction

Self-Marketing 2.0:

Penelope’s blog = advice; a new way to think about the 21st career landscape

What advice would you give someone who is satisfied but not fully fulfilled in their job?

Steve Rubel – the blog evangelist – sit next to the CEO b/c the blog is so powerful

Blogs = “the great equalizer” and even playing field where good ideas and quality matters

Take the small steps to increase your presence and “searchability” online

People need to be aware of their online presence – WSJ Article

The newself-marketing: through blogs, social networking -> more short-term benefits
Networks and Skill sets are getting built faster and faster
Penelope’s book: The Brazen Careerist

Core: 45 tips on personal responsibility, commitment to personal development and consciously developing your peer group

Advice? BE NICE! A Smile will go a very long way.

Authenticity is winning

The Future? Values are changing : Discrepancies between young and old. Gender divide is eroding. People value time, happiness and people over money.

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  • starlingnic

    With pleasure esteemed. It was pleasant to me. I thank.

  • elcstudent

    My teacher pushed me listen to it but i reallt hate it 🙁

  • Sorry to hear that. What class?

  • Penelope: “I meet the coolest people through commenting and interacting with the web.”

  • That’s just sad that you don’t like it. In my book, Penelope is one of the most authentic and practical bloggers around. I like it when she said we need to establish a resume in our blogs and now she’s telling us to comment on people’s job to get a job. Now isn’t that something everyone should try?