Microsoft Viral Videos Promoting the new Windows Live Hotmail

LiveSide.Net points us to the new Windows Live Hotmail video’s Microsoft is using to promote the new service.

Upon the launch of Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft decided to not automatically upgrade all of their current Hotmail users to the Windows Live version of the service, but rather to ease them into the upgrade by giving them the option of “going Live” at first. Today we’re taking a look at one of the ways that Microsoft is trying to win over the current Hotmail users and get them to make the jump.

You can see all the new videos here.

I actually think some of the videos are funny with the play on words used – “hot male” vs. “hotmail” – ill let you be the judge.

There has been a lot of talk recently about viral videos and how to track their success. I am not sure if these are truly “viral” videos as you can identify who created them, the product, and it even states their purpose. I was wondering if there really is a true benchmark of what makes a video “viral” in the first place?

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