Youth Marketing Conference: 3/26 Agenda


Youth Marketing Conference Coverage: 3/26 Agenda



I’m looking over the Youth Marketing Conference agenda for Monday 3/26. I’m particularly excited for this event because almost every speaker, panel and discussion group is focusing on adaptation and the future of marketing.

Here is a preview of the events that we will be covering tomorrow:

Insights Across The Ages: Yesterday’s Techniques Don’t Work With Today’s Young Adults, Rebecca Zogbi, Manager, Consumer & Brand Insights, Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.

Technophiles and Vidiots: The obsessions, possessions and excesses of media and technology in the life of today’s youth,Jacqueline Lane, Director of Teen Research and Mary McIlrath, Ph.D, Vice President, C&R Research

What’s Old is New: Re-introducing a Brand to a New Generation of Consumers, Lynne Leger, VP, Strategic Marketing & Consumer Insights, EMI

Today’s Youth, Tomorrow, Amy J. Oberg, Futurist, Kimberly Clark Corporation

Totally Wired: What it means to market to a generation raised on the Internet, Anastasia Goodstein, Publisher, Youth Pulse

Yes, You Can Measure the ROI of SocNet Campaigns, Amy Gibby, President, Podcast Interview Coverage:

Capturing Today’s Youth, Anne Claudio, Director, Research and Sales Development, Entertainment, CNET Networks Entertainment

Engagement Marketing: Turning Beboers Into Your Brand Advocates, Jim Scheinman, President Business Development and Sales, Bebo

Stay tuned for daily blog & podcast coverage of the event

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