The Google Phone


I love rumors about the latest tech gadgets as much as the next guy so I figured I would weigh in on the whole Google Phone idea.

Here is the latest speculated photoprototype: (I cant wait to see how rightwrong this really is)

Google Phone

I have heard about it a lot lately and if you have not here are some links to catch you up:

The real google phone
Googling Google: Google Phone

And now there may be some actual confirmation…
English Translation of the Google Phone Announcement

This could all be some sort of R&D experiment that got rumor legs and leaked to the blogosphere or it could actually be real.

The real impact of such a device does have far reaching marketing ramifications though. The option exists for the following:

1. An advertising supported device (100%)
2. A subsidized service plan paid for by advertising (think 5050)
3. True carrier independence
4. The option for a foreign carrier to make a move into the US market (think Orange)

I am sure there are quite a few models being discussed now but in the end the consumer benefits. As more features are packed into smaller devices and we are able to synchronize across all mediums the benefits of such smart phone devices will be seen. Google has moved into the email and document space on the net – now lets hope they find a way to put it in your pocket.

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