Get Organized with email tagging

This is not exactly a normal post but it is something that I wanted to share with readers that I am sure have the some problem; organizing and answering emails quickly and effectively.

I personally have over 10 email accounts and managing them all can be quite tedious. Through the miracle that is gmail I now have some accounts funneled into one inbox and separated by gmail’s convenient tagging system. For example, if someone where to email me at this website, eric {AT}, the email would arrive in my inbox with a tag of “”.

This is convenient and similar to how many people organize email into different folders. The problem is filing them so that you can remember to come back to them at a later date as well as answer them quickly.

Over the last month I have instituted a system in my own inbox that has been working better than ANYTHING I have ever done before. I know this system has been blogged about before but my system is slightly different.

I have a new “tag” for emails that require any action called “to answer”.

Any email that requires a; reply, forward, follow up, answer later, or anything else gets the “to answer” tag.

This seems like a simple solution and the best one’s usually are. See gmail labels for more info.

By placing emails in this category I can quickly scan through the list and reply back to those that need action. Once I have taken action I simply remove the “to answer” tag which acts like checking something off my to-do list. The reason why this system is so effective is that it lets you scan and file new emails quickly and efficiently without allowing them to get “pushed down” or “buried by new emails”.

You can also use this tag or a similar one once you have sent out an email. Using this system in gmail is convenient because once I answer someone and I am awaiting a response, I leave the tag on so that I remember to follow up yet have the entire conversation close at hand.

I usually shy away from giving open advice such as this, but given that I have been using email for so many years without a major change such as this, I figured it was worth sharing.

If you want some more great gmail power user tips checkout lifehacker.

Let me know how it goes!

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