Bob Iger: Dissappointed in Advertising Creative



In a recent AdAge interview, Bob Iger commented:

The advertising industry is behind where it needs to be in tailoring messaging to these new platforms. There are great opportunities, but we may have to show them the way a little bit more. I’d say I’m a little disappointed with where things stand today because there’s only a handful of advertisers that are stepping up in a way that we believe is really creating value for them. I think there’s a lot more that could happen.

Although there are some exceptions, I agree with Iger on this point. First of all, traditional advertising agencies couldn’t be more behind on this but I have been impressed with innovation and pace of many digital shops. Some recent successful campaigns include: The Office DVD, HBO’s Entourage Interview With Ari, Fandango Mobile, Interactive Burritos from

That said, interactive advertising is evolving very quickly and many online media folks are inundated with placement opportunities. Moreover, Interactive Agencies are assuming all things digital: Mobile, Web Design, Search, Interactive Creative & Media, Gaming, etc. With thousands of websites to choose from and an increasing number of non-internet interactive outlets, I can understand the difficulty facing many interactive agencies.

The nature of new media is fast-paced and ever-evolving. In order to remain effective in digital marketing, agencies must be able to experiment, react, and evolve at the same time. Technology is the name of the game. Collaboration must occur in ways that transcend various departments and niche specialties. It’s not an easy thing to do.

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