Links Round-Up: 1/12/07


Welcome back to the Marketing Links Roundup where we show you some great marketing links and blogs from around the blogosphere.

Green Advertising – Here is a recent NYTimes article about eco-friendly advertising campaigns & agencies. I love the idea of companies with environmentally conscious products, policies, and advertising. I think it’s a great approach to marketing because people are willing to pay more for a brand that cares (obviously this doesn’t necessarily make sense for everyone).

What Digitas’ Sale Means For New Media – iMedia connection discusses Publicis’ recent purchase of Interactive agency Digitas. While it may be too soon to determine the success of this acquisition, it is perhaps the most exciting and significant agency announcement in a while as traditional shops struggle to evolve.

Airport Security Advertising
– Why not? The lines are certainly long enough. TV’s with any content at all would be more than welcome too.

Google Billboards – Google is now offering out of home media placement via the internet. This is getting interesting…

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