Hes got the whole world in his hand – Apple iPhone


Steve Jobs announced the Apple iPhone today at the MacWorld conference much to the happiness of the world that has been ruminating over this device for what seems like years. Rumors and speculation about the names, production, costs, features, design, and carriers have been swirling about this now named device for literally the past 12 months. Now all the questions about the iPhone have been answered by the newly named Apple Inc. (they dropped the “Computer” from the name today too.)

So what does this mean exactly? Well the blogosphere has been buzzing with the latest news (checkout Sphere and Technorati for more coverage)

Apple now has the “I gotta have it device” once again. The fact that the iPhone runs OS X is incredible, and will do wonders for the halo effect that has already happened with the iPod. As people continue to use Apple devices and see the beauty and simplicity in their design, the ancillary impact is that they will want other products to be this way. By telling people that the iPhone can provide true solutions to their problems they are creating the ultimate marketing message: “You need this product.” (and it may just be true.) It currently has some of the more advanced features of any “smart phone” available today while combining the benefits of the worlds most ubiquitous portable music player.

The device itself will not be out until June 2007, and the reason for the early disclosure according to Jobs was to control the announcement instead of having the FCC paperwork tell the world. I believe this is true, but also to coincide with the MacWorld event and control the messaging that goes out with the product. I will let the gadget and review sites go through the feature sets and functionality, and rather get back to the marketing and messaging this product delivers.

Jobs seems to have people eating out of his hand when it comes to Apple product launches and announcements. I am not sure one could even begin to quantify the value of the buzz associated with this product even before anyone officially knew of its existence. One could speculate that Apple may have had something to due with dropping hints out in the world but I doubt it (although this may just be my own cognitive dissonance about Apple being so great). One thing is for sure though – everyone wants an iPhone. Lets just hope the momentum holds and no one can beat this product in the next 6 months.

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