Mobile Friendly Websites: January 2007 Update



Below is an updated list of some great websites designed specifically for your blackberry, pda, or mobile phone web browser:

January 2007 Update:

Google’s Mobile Applications: Google offers free and trustworthy applications for pda’s, blackberry’s and mobile phones. Many of the mobile apps that I’ve downloaded for the blackberry do not function very well but the below google apps function reliably:

Gmail – This flash-based mobile application is like having an exchange server for your gmail (well almost). The program enables almost all of the same great gmail features on your blackberry, pda and most mobile phones – you can: search your entire archive of mail and sent mail; it memorizes all contacts and anticipates email address in the “to” field; it functions much quicker than one would imagine. Beware of steep data fees from your phone company (but it could be good to have on your phone in case of emergency…). I highly recommend it. Click this on your mobile browser:

Google Maps
– Google Maps allows you to search for businesses, plot map directions, view cross streets, or view satellite imagery of a specific location. This program works much better if you have an EVDO or EDGE data network.

Google Talk – (blackberry only) Chat with gmail friends in an IM format. Hopefully Google will collaborate with AOL Instant Messenger someday. In the meantime, RambleIM (free) works decently well on blackberries for AOL Instant Messenger.

11/14 Update:

Bitty Browser: offers a collection of mobile friendly websites and if you go to, you can create your own condensed version of your favorite sites. Hit tip to Micropursuasion for putting me on to the site. Skweezer continues to be a favorite tool for “skweezing” websites for the mobile screen. This is much easier to use when you’re on the go than To learn more about it, tune into our interview with Kevin Perkins, CEO of Skweezer on podcast #3.

Helpful Blackberry Websites: This collection is provided by RIM and can be accessed from the Blackberry help link in the browser. Most of these sites are terrible! Some of the recommended sites are completely dysfunctional too. I can’t believe that RIM doesn’t have a better reference.

10/3/06 Update:

Mobile Newsweek – this site is limited to headlines. Maybe it will prove to be an effective marketing tool or a purchase inspiration for those on-the-go. I would personally prefer more inclusive content and at least a few full articles. Mobile marketers, especially in the News industry, should look to the NYTimes and BBC Mobile sites for inspiration.

Time Magazine
– I enjoy any mobile access to news however, I don’t necessarily like to read long articles. This site is good for reading headlines and cover stories but I prefer the BBC and NYTimes for breaking news throughout the day. – Digg is a great resource for the hottest developments on the web (primarlily tech news and blog coverage). I love having access to these stories on the go.

The New York Times

TechCrunch – Thanks to Dave Weiner for making this possible. TechCrunch is one of my favorite sites and I am happy to have a mobile version.

– the mobile version

Yomoblog – enables mobile blog posting via mobile browser (Free registration required).

Amazon Anywhere – Access the entire library of books, movies, reviews etc. You can even buy from the road.

Ebay Mobile – Check on your bids or items for sale from your mobile phone or blackberry.

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) – Find out exactly who was in that movie on the tip of your tongue.

AdAge Mobile Edition
– AdAge Headlines Condensed Mobile
– This site is very new. I still prefer the older avant go version.

CNet Mobile Edition – The complete website is condensed for mobile pleasure.

NY Post Mobile Edition – Access NYC News, Gossip, and Sports – This Site provides a number of decent mobile website links worth checking out.

BBC World News Mobile Mobile – Find a theatre or movie by zip code. This site could be a lot better than it is.

Google Mobile – Search the web, images, or access a mobile version of Gmail. This is a particularly well designed mobile website (what do you expect?)

Variety Mobile Edition

Technorati Mobile


Bloglines Mobile – Great for reading your feeds on the go.

Mobile Friendly Websites

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