Outbound Marketing: Paypal


In line with my previous thoughts on companies having an outbound marketing department I wanted to highlight a recent story I read over at BubbleGeneration which was funny about trouble with paypal. I think PayPal is a great service when it works, and awful service when it does not. I have had both good and bad experiences with PayPal, but I always find myself needing an account so I cannot bring myself to close it. (I setup my account in 2000)

In the paypal post the author tells about emailing paypal to unlock an unused account only to recieve:

“…Due to an increase in seasonal email volumes, we may not have been able to
answer your email.

oh the irony.

What I want to know is who approved this method of communication. The EbayPaypal monolith has been around long enough for someone to catch this one.

Had a problem like this? Let us know.

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