Verizon to allow ads on mobile phones


Lets get right into it – from the NYTimes

Beginning early next year, Verizon Wireless will allow placement of banner advertisements on news, weather, sports and other Internet sites that users visit and display on their mobile phones, company executives said.

They appear to be rolling out this feature with the interests of their users in mind, and rightly so because a mistake with this feature could spell disaster. This initiative should be studied from start to finish, as Verizon has the chance to really do this right, or really mess things up for their users. As Giga Om says the mobile advertising space will be huge in the years to come – but finding the right balance will be key.

I could predict that it will not be long before some MVNO decides to try to do a 100% ad supported phone. Perhaps a user experience where you have to listen to a full ad before connecting, and have your phone sponsored each week.

The jury is out on this Verizon feature – but be sure that we will track any and all reactions from customers. Will this start a trend across all mobile providers? I hope not…

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