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“AdLand’s Test-Tube” – Last week discussed Google’s plan to use AdSense technology to replace traditional television commercials in Britatin. We wondered why this announcement went under the radar in the mainstream media (because I think it’s significant and at the very least, an omen of what may come). The Economist discusses this further and suggests that Britain is the ideal trial ground for online advertising innovation (log-in require unfortunately). The U.K. has been a leader in the interactive adspace partly because there is so little TV advertising there.

“CMO’s Look Beyond Traditional Agencies Marketing Innovation” – Not a huge surprise if you ask me. Agencies are having a very tough time reinventing themselves to accomodate technology and the 21st century consumer. The holding companies have a very tough job when it comes to adapting – especially because 90% of their assests are in human capital. My prediction: holding companies will compensate through more acquisitions of smaller, hip shops while downsizing and trimming the fat at traditional ad agencies.

Outsourcing your homegrown operation around the world? Checkout TimeToMeet which can help you schedule, book, and manage meeting times in different time zones. Very helpful when trying to pull together a group from the next time zone over or around the globe.

Start a search marketing campaign even without a homepage – Google heating up the hosting business. Original coverage at

Dark Clouds over Madison Ave article predicts the downward and flat trends of print advertising.
All while Internet advertising…

could account for 7.1% of all ad spending during 2006. He expects that ratio to expand to 10.4% in 2009.

Advertising on a mini-budget in 2007? Checkout TurnHere for a $300.00 produced video option. Company will produce then direct SEM traffic to your video for $50.00 a month. Great CNET coverage here.

Cyber Monday continues to deliver says EMarketer – up 26% over last year.

If you havnt been there before checkout our mobile friendly websites that should work on your cell phone, pda, blackberry, or other mobile device. One new edition: Mobile Delta

And finally a shameless plug for my own content – The future of advertising is real time information.

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