iTunes Gift Giving Sould Be Better



I wish the iTunes Music store would make it easier for customers to give an album, song, or video as a present. Receiving a specific album is so much more personal than a gift card too. Some of my favorite bands and songs were given to me as presents and as a result, I have found music that I love.

As of now, iTunes has a convuluted and under-publicized gift-giving process. I think that Apple should improve and advertise this function. They should also consider a partnership with and/or other online music stores.

Apple (or any other digital vendor I guess) could benefit from an enhanced gift feature in many ways:

1) New visitors would become iTunes “users” when they log on to receive their gift.

2) Increased profit through more sales and also unclaimed gifts (Best Buy made a $43 million profit from unclaimed/expired gift cards over the last two years).

In the meantime, I would still love an iTunes gift card (and if someone reading this was planning to give me one, I would be very happy:)).

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